Our mission is to create high-quality experiences by providing additional rest time, priority booking, and exclusivity. Members receive monthly self-care products, therapeutic massage sessions with an experienced therapist, and savings.

We believe that self-care should be a priority, so it’s our responsibility to work with our clients and set aside a recurring time each month to provide them with a high-quality experience. Our program has been designed to meet the needs of busy professionals where booking is simple and the experience is first-class.

Every service includes the combination of warming towels, aromatherapy, and details to specific bodily needs. 


Exclusivity:  Our program will only be open to a certain number of individuals in order to provide quick & seamless options for our clients to book their ideal time for massages. 
Services: Will include an added 10 minute window of relaxation/sleep time per session. All sessions include complimentary warm towels & aromatherapy. 
Products: Once a month, members will be gifted with self-care item(s) to contribute to their quiet time at home. 
Availability: Members will have the option to lock in their ideal date/time for the following month up to 15 days in advance, without the hassle of over-bookings. 
Savings: Members will enjoy the perks of savings up to 15% per session.